Sunday, 29 January 2012

Is this a life test, we'll see.

It's been quite fast to be coming to February of 2012. Haven't yet finish the January, lots of ridiculous moments are happened. Why I have to face this kind of nonsense fate things? Dear people, can you please stop arguing and being a matured minded human? There's no excuse by telling that we are not perfect. But we have mind to think and not to nagging bad thing about people around us.

Please I'm begging you not to be a snob. No more snicker while having fun together. That's so annoying. Shameless one! Very disappointed and we are not going to be the same anymore brothers! Once you left the smudge on our relationship, forever it will be there. It will not returning back and never return to you..

For a years we are together like a happy family, and on these second everything will be over, thanks for everything that we shared together, I might gonna missed out our late conversation, but when i think previously for what you giving and doing to us. I just gonna put all the shits on your face. Take care, happy smugness your wanker brothers!