Tuesday, 20 December 2011

There will be no loneliness

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while. So when you're lonely remember it's true that somebody somewhere is thinking of you :)

However it is, you should no that you will never be alone boy, cause I'll always be there for you when you need me. Believe it.

When you're alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers. Remember that in those spaces, you can see my fingers locked with forever. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Secret Recipe

Syukur alhamdulillah, puasa yang tinggal time bulan ramadhan ritu dah ganti. Sekarang ni teringin lak nak makan secret recipe, lagipun dah janji nak belanja family makan sana before balik KL. Hee x sabar sngat dah ni nak tunggu hari esok, tekak ni dah terliur sangat dah ni nak makan secret recipe. Hari tu ngidam Mc'Donalds sebab sebulan x makan since balik Ipoh, mane laa pipi ni x berjerawat, badan x gemok. Cholesterol banyak dah dlam badan ni, tu yg berat badan naik. Bile weight da naik baru la time tu kelam kabut ajak abang Fadzlei pegi reduce weight, haha!! 

Bile kat KL lak, kalau malas masak, Oldtown White Coffee dgn Mc'Donalds la tempat mengenyangkan perut aku yang lapar tu. Pernah sekali, dtg gila seminggu aku bantai makan Oldtown, sampai Lauren cakap, Kiki I tell you early in Melbourne there's no oldtown for you, but we promise to give you delicious cook xx Then time abang Fadzlei pegi Korea, weight jatuh 5 kg dlam 5 hari, nak naik kan weight tu balik, seminggu straight makan Spicy fried chicken Mc'd and terus weight naik 3 kg setengah.

Makan luar ni memang sedap, tapi problems yang akan dtg esok, ntah penyakit ape la kan? Hishh camne laa nak kurangkan makan ni semua. Favorite kut!! >.<

Cake is tasty, but it can nourish the body :)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Like father like daughter

Like father like daughter, look like simple words but so mean! If in malay they said as bapak borek anak rintik!! The world is beautiful, more wonderful when in a family i have a father who's not only a father, but he's my bestfriend too! We do loving, caring to each others and sharing everything together.. He's such Daddy cool yoo! I love you so much, more than everything in this world! There's nothing  can compete you daddy orden! xx 

You know what, the times when i get upset, he's the only one whom play the rolls to make me happy. Whatever it is, he will definitely find a solution and keep trying to make me laughing xx you're such a lovely father that i had :) 

But i was thinking, did we still can be forever like now once you had to leave us, can we still smiling without adorable father? However, this is the fact, everyone's should'll be leaving once the time has come. We just have to get ready, but we're not ready at all. It's to heavy to bear. Dear Allah, can you please give my family good health. We do love these family so much, so much love to my lovely parents!

The main thing that we can be so closed are he's understanding, everything that we're sharing are alike, he's my best partner for dancing and my mum is my best partner for singing!! Everytime the conversation, we often quarrel, when it turns insanely, we both will have wrestling moments between father and daughters, and mumma will be the referee! What an adorable family, love you ayah orden :')


Monday, 5 December 2011

Indahnya hubungan adek & kakak

Elok aku tengah santai-santai lepak dalam bilik, lepas satu-satu adek aku masuk lepak atas katil. Cam biasa, cerita pun dibuka. So first of all aku tanye adek bongsu aku, Indra yg membahasakan diri dye sebagai Kasuma,

Kiko  : Suma, Kiko nak tanye ni. Suma sayang sape erk?
Suma : Suma sayang kak Kiko la, kak Kiko kan putih sama mcam Suma, ibu dengan kak Eiwa..
Sj      : Ohh abes Gege (SJ) Suma x syg kak gege ke? >.<
Suma : Bukan Suma xnak sayang, tapii.. Kak gege tu hitam, sama macam ayah dengan kak Eiza!!


Sj      : Ok xpe Suma kak gege nak bgitahu ibu ape Suma buat, gege mrajuk!!!

# Suma terus peluk kaki SJ

Suma : Kak gege, Suma.. Suma sayangg kak gege, sebab kaki kak gege sama mcam kaki suma hitam! HAHA

So, aku cerita la kat ibu ape yg jadi kat dlam bilik, ibu wat relax je, senyum apa pun tarak. SO taw ape Kasuma buat..?

# Menggosok lengan ibu sambil cakap " Ibu, ibu.. Senyum laa, kak Kiko cerita tu, senyum la ibu, jangan laa masam, kak Kiko cerita lawak tu. Ahahaha, adek, adekk :') "

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My parents. I miss them much. But this coming May I'm coming back home for 2 months. Yipeee, can't wait for the moment. My grandpa is going to support us at the Lostword Of Tambun in Ipoh. May we have enjoy and fun day with beloved family :) He's a brave man, he will doing anything to full fill her kids needs. Thanks for everything daddy! She is the only lady that love her kids so much, but when she gets extremly angry, don't wait to much, up your steps and runnnn, haha :D But i love to fighting mouth with her. I love you mum :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Aussie Family ♥

There were my Aussie Family peeps :) We've been together in Malaysia from 6th February 2011 until 23rd February 2011. Even thought the time's that we spend together in Malaysia is only for a month. Now, you guys have been home for a month already! Yes we all know is nice to be home, and I know you guys are happy staying with us in Malaysia just sometime the happy moment turn to sadness and pressures just because of a man act like a childish right? Jack, Lauren, and Daniel, yes we are family. Fadz and I miss waking up to you guys and miss our fun adventures!! :) great times to remember!! But till now, when I'm giving a first step to Fadz house, what will I do is I'm gonna take a look in your bedroom, sometimes I feels like you guys are still here. I heard your voices shouting to Dan, I heard Jack voice calling me and he never stop been crumpy when he never seen where am I. Then I took a walk to the toilet, what I've seen is I was giving Jack a shower. It's really hurts me Lauren, I can't stop thinking both of you. Fadz and I really wanna visit you guys in Melboune, but Fadz didn't have any chance as you know. We feels shame if there's nothing we brought from Malaysia for you.

Lauren, haha you really had a crazy dream about me and Fadz last night. You said I am pregnant with twins, haha and I got married Fadz but you guys were sad not invited. By the way hunny bunch, I miss you more. As I said last time, I'm coming visiting you guys soon. Wait for me, I'll send big sloppy kisses to my love Jack. Can't wait for great huggles! xxLove Akiko and Fadzxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

He's so adorable :)

I miss my Jack man. The moment you hugs me with your sloppy kisses, I feels like the more you tends to give me your love, Jack. Now, you're growing to fast. You'll learning many things in this world. Where ever you go, and what ever you do, I hope you will always think of me. I'm promise Jack, when everything in Malaysia have done, I will come and visit you in Melbourne. Mum's always told me you miss my cuddles. Thought you should know I miss our adventures that we've been sharing, caring and enjoying together. Be a good boy, don't be cheeky like Tiger Fadz xx. He miss you so much Jack. Love Akiko xx