Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I am turning 22 years old today!

Hari ni genap 22 tahun. Saat ni cuba menanam satu prasaan yg baru. Satu yang baru hanya diri sendiri saje yg taw laa. Heee, pape pun kalau ade perselisihan faham. Better simpan sndiri sbb malas nak argue. Hee then kalu boley xnak amek port hal kkluargaan sbb for me better jaga family sndiri sbb xnak things that happened around jadi dkt adik2.. Biar org buat kite tapi jgn kte buat org. Pape pun i'm still with my own principe. Kalau itu, itu laaa. Kalu pergi, pergilah. Hahaha mcam pelik je bunyi nye kan. Kepada yg berkenaan. Maafkan saya ye..

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March 2013

Thought March will be differents than the others month, althought its isn't and i'm quite frustrated. Nothing can changes it and make it turns by the time. Peoples were born to have the happiness, but before we met the truth happiness we will through the suffering at the start. What suprising me, the idiot bitch keep stalking me around. I don't really know what the hell she wants from me. Jerky of me buddy, a very kind to describe a preety suck of you. Hahaha. Just forget about it.