Sunday, 11 December 2011

Like father like daughter

Like father like daughter, look like simple words but so mean! If in malay they said as bapak borek anak rintik!! The world is beautiful, more wonderful when in a family i have a father who's not only a father, but he's my bestfriend too! We do loving, caring to each others and sharing everything together.. He's such Daddy cool yoo! I love you so much, more than everything in this world! There's nothing  can compete you daddy orden! xx 

You know what, the times when i get upset, he's the only one whom play the rolls to make me happy. Whatever it is, he will definitely find a solution and keep trying to make me laughing xx you're such a lovely father that i had :) 

But i was thinking, did we still can be forever like now once you had to leave us, can we still smiling without adorable father? However, this is the fact, everyone's should'll be leaving once the time has come. We just have to get ready, but we're not ready at all. It's to heavy to bear. Dear Allah, can you please give my family good health. We do love these family so much, so much love to my lovely parents!

The main thing that we can be so closed are he's understanding, everything that we're sharing are alike, he's my best partner for dancing and my mum is my best partner for singing!! Everytime the conversation, we often quarrel, when it turns insanely, we both will have wrestling moments between father and daughters, and mumma will be the referee! What an adorable family, love you ayah orden :')


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